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I am a lucky guy. I was blind and now I can see. I was deaf and now I can hear. I was depressed and I have found the spirit of joy. I was sick and I have been healed. I was dead and I have come alive. How is this possible? It is not possible. And yet it happened. That is why I call myself a lucky guy.

Rafał-zdjęcieFrom a human perspective I could not have accomplished any of those things. And I haven’t. They were accomplished for me. The transformation that happened and is happening in my life has nothing to do with me. It is a work of grace that has permeated my resistance to truth. I have been released from „myself”. Rafał Wereżyński (that is how they call me) has been devastated, undone and… replaced. I have been replaced by something much greater that I could have ever imagined. I have had the experience of incredible Love, and in this experience my fear seemed absurd and impossible. I realized that I have never been a separate self. Separate self or self-identity has never existed. Love has been the only reality.

The transformation that I have experienced and continue to experience seems quite impossible for an identity that knows only the world of separate forms. Yet for God nothing is impossible. My small willingness to experience something different than all that I had experienced thus far has been sufficient for God to enter my awareness. A heartfelt cry for help was enough. When I went down on my knees and humbly admitted: “I have no idea, who I am”, the solution appeared. Gentle and amazing in its simplicity.

It is then that I experienced first glimpse of who I really was as a soul eternally linked to the Spirit – the perfect Source from which it came. I understood that I was not separate from God, from you nor from anything. I recognized that everything I believed in up to that point – all my story of separation – was a mere illusion. I have experienced deep spiritual, emotional and  physical transformation. This transformation still goes on. As long as I wake up in the morning and see my hand, my work is not done. And my work is transformation – an ongoing enlightenment and transformation of my mind, which is nothing but giving up falsity and recognizing the truth.

The principal means of transformation that I use is A Course In Miracles – unearthly message of love and forgiveness and a spiritual mind training that has completely healed my life. And I cannot not give what has been given me. In my teaching I use prayer, meditation, interactive workshops, music, dance, poetry, quantum physics and all forms of expressions that can help us give up illusions, release inner light and awaken from the dream of separation.

Why did the transformation become a necessity for me? Because I know that I am responsible for what I see. As long as I am aware of conflict of any kind in myself or in anyone, I am responsible for its healing. How do I heal? By remembering God that knows not of sickness. By remembering my own perfect immortal reality. The healing is always the release of one false idea – the idea that I separated myself from God. This idea can manifest itself in many different forms but they all remain equally unreal. That is why I consider myself a lucky guy. I do not need to solve the problem that does not exist.

I used to be a professional problem solver. And what was the result of that? More problems. Hell can be described as a place in which you solve problems. The true spiritual transformation occurs at the point of no-solution. It is at this point that the problem disappears. Hell disappears. The world disappears. The separate identity disappears. And only God remains. Only love remains. Only truth remains.

And it is only in this place where I can meet you. As long as we try to solve the problem of separation as two separate identities, we set ourselves up for thousands of years of boring and fruitless negotiations. Perhaps sometimes we will manage to stop the conflict through temporary truce, but we will never experience peace this way. The real peace comes only when I give up my judgment – my weird selfish belief that I have private interests or thoughts separate from your own. Thus I recognize that in truth there is only one of us. And this is where true love begins. This love cannot be described, but it can be experienced.

You will find more information on the events that I teach at THIS PAGE and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acimpoland/. If you want to participate in any of the events and need translation, please let me know in advance. You can also contact me if you want to organize an event in Poland or any other place in the world.

Phone: (+48) 600 18 99 16
Email: rafal@przemianaumyslu.pl